Photographer Captures Perfect Moment Lion Wakes Up With Messy Mane

When we wake up, our hair tends to go all over the place. And it is not this majestic lion who would dare to say the opposite! After his nap, the feline ended up with a completely dishevelled mane, as a series of photos demonstrate. Laughter guaranteed.

Simon Needham is a photographer who works for charities aiming to protect wildlife. Recently, the latter witnessed a hilarious scene: the difficult awakening of a lion sporting a messy mane.

The photo shoot took place at Glen Garriff Conservation, a reserve located in South Africa. After his nap, the feline – named Tonga – found himself with a disheveled mane. Luckily, Simon Needham was able to capture this unique moment: “I had to wait for Tonga to wake up from his nap, but when he woke up he looked completely passed out,” the photographer said on his Instagram page.

And the least we can say is that the king of the savannah does not lead far: his messy locks could use a good brushing. In the photos, the predator can be seen shaking its mane to give it a respectable shape.

The photographs are intended for GG Conversation, a wildlife protection association. Images will be used to promote fundraisers. One thing is certain: donors are sure to notice the feline’s messy hair.

You may not know it, but the lion uses its mane to seduce females. During the breeding season, lionesses prefer to mate with males with full, dark-colored manes. This characteristic also indicates that the lion is healthy.

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