The young driver with a heart of gold taught the people on the bus a good lesson

An 80-year-old woman got on at the bus stop and took her place not far from the driver.

She took a folded handkerchief from her pocket and took out some coins.

The old woman caught the attention of the young bus driver who was watching her in the safety mirror.

When she wanted to leave the bus, the grandmother handed the money to the driver, but he didn’t want to take it.

Then he asked the woman to sit down and wait a bit. Then he did something surprising.

The driver grabbed his wallet and quickly ran into the store.

In three minutes he came out, holding in his hand a bag containing bread, meat, a few packets of milk and cream.

Grandmother was not expecting all this and she was infinitely touched by the young man’s generosity.

She thanked the kind-hearted driver and wished him good luck.

When the driver went to his seat to drive the bus, a woman started talking saying not to spend money on a stranger and make them delay.

Then the young man turned to the woman saying that old people consider all young people badly brought up, because people like her cannot teach their children anything except selfishness and hypocrisy.

The woman’s face flushed with shame, as she realized her outrageous behavior and quickly left the bus.

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