She’s Keeps Her $30 Wedding Dress To Celebrate 70 Years Of Marriage, And The Result Is Awesome

Do you like lasting love stories? Then that of Nancy and Melvin Lubbers, a couple from South Dakota who got married on January 6, 1952 will necessarily please you!

At the time, she was only 16 and he was 20 when they passed the ring on their finger. And recently, the two lovebirds, still very much in love with each other, celebrated their 70 years of marriage. To mark the occasion and share their romance with the world, Nancy and Melvin decided to take part in a photo shoot by posing in front of the lens of their youngest granddaughter, Anna Behning.

And to push the beauty and symbolism of the moment even further, the photographer had the idea of ​​having Nancy wear the wedding dress she had on the day of the first ceremony. In the aftermath, Anna’s mom offered Melvin to put on his army uniform from the 1952 Korean War, which he accepted. “My grandparents only have a few photos from their wedding, so I had the idea to take more photos of my grandmother in her dress,” explained the couple’s granddaughter.

So here we are 70 years later, facing the couple reenacting their wedding day , to their delight and that of their loved ones. And you will see that the result is particularly strong in emotions! Indeed, the photos are really heart-warming and you only have to see the wide smile on the faces of Nancy and Melvin to understand that the two lovers were also very touched by this moment.

“My dress was something special, and I loved it, so I just preserved it and kept it all these years. It felt really good to wear it again, and we enjoyed reminiscing about our wedding day, and the photoshoot was a lot of fun,” Nancy, 87, told our colleagues from Caters News Agency. The latter may have a value of only 30 euros, it must be admitted that it is superb! For his part, Melvin, aged 91, said he was very moved to see his wife again in her wedding dress, evoking “a poignant walk in the past which brought back good memories.”

Finally, the one who also took a lot of pleasure in living this moment is Anna. For her, taking her grandparents’ anniversary photos was an extraordinary experience: “I am so happy to have been able to capture their love, even though it was 70 years after their wedding day. Photos are precious and our family loves them. In any case, the initiative is really brilliant and it is proof that all occasions are good to celebrate love !

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