The four lions who grew up locked in a circus take their first steps towards freedom

Today, all over the world, many animals are locked in cages and do not have the freedom they deserve. Especially in circuses, zoos or aquariums.

There are people who keep wild animals as pets, unlike the case where they have to live in the wild in freedom. But all people must have the responsibility to take the animals to their place.

Happily, our story today had the happy ending for the four lions who are grown together, locked in cages.

Angela, Bellone, Saïda and Louga have lived all their lives locked up and working for a circus in France. The lions were obliged to perform and perform tricks for those who visited their circus.

Their situation was not the best at all. And finally, the four lions were rescued by Born Free Foundation in 2018.

The association began to collect money to be able to transport the Lions to Africa.

Unfortunately, their trip was delayed due to Covid. Lions would have to wait a few years to receive their much desired freedom.

During this time, a rescue center in France welcomed the lions until their departure. Because the association always wanted to take them to their homeland.

Finally, at the end of the pandemic, in 2022, the lions arrived in Africa. The journey was hard and long, but they are already in their native land and enjoying nature.

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