Suffering from cancer in 2018, this little boy managed to beat the disease thanks to the unwavering support of his sister

Kaitlin Burge, mother of a baby boy with cancer, posted a touching photo of her son being comforted by his big sister during his chemotherapy. That was over two years ago and after a long, exhausting battle, little Beckett is now well and going to school.

Beckett was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on April 25, 2018 when he was 2 years old. Overnight, the two brothers and sisters, who are only 15 months apart, had to abandon their daily lives and stop playing at home to spend their day in a hospital room. Beckett’s sister, Aubrey, never left her younger brother during his entire recovery and she even wanted to accompany him in his rehabilitation to walk again.

Obviously, the situation was difficult for everyone around and a huge shock for the family. But, as Kaitlin revealed in multiple media interviews, they stuck together, trusted each other, and lived through each day one after the other. Between the beginning of his hospital stay and his last treatment which took place almost 3 years later, the sick young boy will have spent only 35 days without seeing his sister, so she played a key role in supporting him. .

As everyone can understand, things were not at all easy and simple for the whole family. “I saw my only son go through so much and keep smiling. I watched my sweet Aubrey go through a tough time in her life and become very independent. And she saw her best friend in a state no sibling should ever know,” Kaitlin wrote in the commentary to a photo posted on her Facebook profile.

With many ups and downs, the journey was difficult, but Beckett won his battle with the disease. After long, whole years of pain and suffering, the boy is now free from cancer and his vital prognosis is no longer engaged.

Today, he goes to school and is happy to enjoy a normal life, like any child his age. “He is feeling well, has completed his treatment and is back in school, currently in first grade,” Kaitlin said.

His final treatment was on August 8, 2021, and he is now healthy and cured. Today, Beckett is 6 years old, and her 7-year-old sister is by her side at all times. They still maintain an unbreakable bond which was further strengthened during Beckett’s disease and thus appear more united than ever. Few people can understand how much one takes advantage of a loved one who comes close to death after they are finally saved, but Aubrey and her family do.

This leukemia was a grueling ordeal in Beckett’s life, but unfortunately many other people, young and old, are following the same path around the world. When you’re in this kind of situation where everything seems to be falling apart around you, the important thing is to hold your head up high, to take things one day at a time and not be afraid to ask for help.

If we are sharing today the very touching story of Beckett, it is because we are very happy that he is well, but also to remind all those who are going through difficult times to always have hope because the Illness and hospitalization are only one chapter of life. Indeed, no matter the situation, it is always possible to find the necessary determination not to give up and continue to fight.

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