A 19-year-old high school student died of a heart attack in the middle of the test

Drama in the North! A student who was taking one of his baccalaureate exams collapsed in front of his copy before dying a few hours later.

The Gaston-Berger high school in Lille (Nord) is today in full mourning and its students, inconsolable, still in shock.

One of them, aged 19, died suddenly on Tuesday March 21 after having suffered a heart attack while taking one of his anticipated Baccalaureate tests .

The drama took place shortly after 2 p.m. in one of the rooms of the establishment, where 70 students from the STMG sector had taken their place for their Bac eco-law test.

While the subjects had just been distributed to the candidates, the young man – who suffered from a heart condition – suddenly collapsed before losing consciousness.

A wind of panic then took hold of the room and none of the adults who were supervising the test reacted immediately, according to one of the students, present on the spot and questioned by the Voix Du Nord.

“ There were eight adults in the room. The students got up to go see what he had, they were told to sit down again, to continue the baccalaureate. An adult continued to pass through the ranks to have the attendance sheet signed, while he (the victim) was still on the ground. He no longer spoke, was beginning to turn blue. A student got up anyway and put him in PLS (Lateral safety position, editor’s note). We said that we had to call the emergency services “, says this high school student, who specifies that it was finally the CPE (Principal Education Advisor), ” arrived running “, who ” called the emergency services “, after have been warned.

Immediately on site, the firefighters and the Samu will take care of the victim and the other students will be sent to a different room to continue their ordeal.

“ The principal has arrived to check on us. We said that we could not continue, that someone was dying, ”laments the witness who confided in the Voice of the North.

According to him, a feeling of injustice and anger then took hold of the students. ” One of them came out saying he didn’t give a damn about the Bac when someone’s dying. And we all finally left , ”he says. Information confirmed by the Hauts-de-France daily

Taken to the hospital, the high school student finally died in the evening around 7 p.m., according to his entourage.

The death has since been confirmed by the rector of the Lille academy and a listening unit has been set up to help the students and teachers of the establishment.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, classes resumed in an atmosphere that we guess was terribly heavy.

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