A 6-year-old boy found a megalodon shark tooth while looking for shells on a beach

In the UK, a 6-year-old child searching for seashells on a beach came across a 3 million-year-old megalodon shark tooth.

Sammy Shelton is a 6 year old boy who lives in the UK. While looking for shells on a beach with his father, the child made an extraordinary discovery.

Indeed, the little boy came face to face with a megalodon shark tooth, about 10 centimeters long and 3 million years old.

“We were looking for some interesting seashells on the beach but instead we got this megalodon tooth ,” Sammy’s dad said. It was huge and very heavy! I knew what it was, but it wasn’t until I brought it to others who were on the beach that I realized its importance. I even met a guy who searched his whole life for a megalodon tooth and never found anything this big. »

He finds a megalodon shark tooth
The megalodon shark is the biggest shark and fish that ever existed. 20 meters long, it was three times larger than the white shark and lived on Earth more than 3.6 million years ago.

With its 250 sharp teeth , which it used to attack large fish, and its 2.7 meter by 3.4 meter long mouth, it could easily swallow two adult humans. This shark had many teeth, which explains why it is possible to find them on certain beaches.

“We can find many of their teeth off the east coast of North America, along the coasts and at the bottom of saltwater streams and rivers in North, South Carolina and Florida” , explained Emma Bernard, curator of the fossil fish collection at the Natural History Museum.

The beach on which Sammy made this discovery is Bawdsey Beach in Sufflock, a place known to fossil hunters. According to the little boy’s father, the latter is so happy to have found this treasure that he took him to his school and he sleeps with the tooth next to him at night.

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