This 45-year-old mom is with her 22-year-old daughter and everyone thinks they’re twins

A 45-year-old American woman is creating a buzz on the internet because of her resemblance to her daughter, who we swear is her twin sister.

” Old age is a shipwreck ” said General de Gaulle!

While many fear the effects of age on their appearance, others, on the other hand, have nothing to do with it, sometimes well helped by a rather lenient physique that resists the weight of years.

Like fine wine, some of us do indeed get better with age and even seem to get younger as the years pass.

This is particularly the case of a certain Joleen Diaz!

At 45, she doesn’t look her age and everyone thinks she’s her daughter’s twin sister
This 45-year-old Californian does not look her age, so much so that everyone believes she is the twin sister of her daughter Meilani (22), who looks like her like two drops of water.

A rather funny situation that the two women have fun with, who have taken to posting pictures of them on social networks, where they show off their very pretty plastic.

Photos that very often disturb Internet users, who find it very difficult to believe that Joleen is Meilani’s mother . And yet, the two women are 24 years apart.

Separated from her daughter ‘s dad , Joleen certainly spends a lot of time taking care of her, but her features that seem to resist time have always given her a young appearance. Thus, since she became a mother, many people are convinced that Meilani is her little sister.

This particularity has necessarily strengthened the ties that exist between mother and daughter. And the latter, like best friends, show themselves to be very accomplices, not hesitating to go out together.

Very active on Instagram where she has more than 630,000 Instagram followers , Joleen has to deal with some rather amazing problems at times. Indeed, his appearance, which contrasts with his age, has sometimes prompted some Internet users to report his profile, suspecting it of being a “fake”.

“ I had my account deleted several times. It’s funny, I think people think I’m a fake account and report me ,” she explains.

Still looking for love following her divorce, Joleen says she doesn’t want to take advantage of her physical assets to seduce younger boys

“ Age is not a deal breaker for me, but I don’t want to date a ‘toyboy’. I would never even remotely consider dating someone who is young enough to be friends with my daughter ,” the mother concludes.

There is no doubt that she should find a shoe that suits her!

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