This 8-year-old did the impossible to change the life of his favorite waffle vendor

In the United States, an eight-year-old boy raised more than $100,000 to help his waffle vendor. Part of the sum allowed the man, who was walking to work, to buy a car.

Kayzen Hunter is a little boy of eight with a big heart. The reason ? The young American raised more than 100,000 dollars to help his favorite waffle seller, report our colleagues from the Washington Post .

As the media specifies, the boy opened an online kitty on February 18, after learning that his friend was walking to work and that he was living in a motel with his daughters.

“ I would like to collect donations for my friend, Devonte. He’s a serious worker who has to walk or be driven to work every day ,” Kayzen told GoFundMe.

The initiative of the little boy is a hit
The little guy met Devonte Gardner at the Waffle House in Little Rock, Arkansas. Very quickly, the child and the server with the jovial smile forged a bond. It must be said that Kayzen and his mother go every week to the establishment, where they have been received like kings for nearly a year.

Recently, Kayzen found out that Devonte was forced to rent a motel with his family because his old apartment was filled with mold. It is in this context that the child asked his mother to open a kitty to give him a financial boost.

“ We are helping him to find a clean rental but want to help him even more (…) Devonte is one of the most joyful and positive people you could meet ”.

At first, the boy set the goal of the prize pool at 5000 dollars. This sum would have allowed Devonte to buy a “decent” car. One thing is certain: Kayzen was far from suspecting that the national media would relay his initiative.

As a result, the prize pool now stands at $105,806. In an interview with MSNBC , Devonte said he and his family had moved into a new apartment: ” I’m so glad to know that my girls won’t have to go through the same things I did ,” he said. entrusts.

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