Twins celebrate their 100th birthday: “We have always done everything together since we were born”

The bond between siblings is something unique and indescribable, but in the case of twins, we usually witness an even more special relationship. Norma Matthews and Edith Antoncecchi, identical twins who managed to have very similar lives, know this very well: they both married at the same time, started a family and moved to Florida together in 1995. In addition, they recently celebrated their 100th anniversary. The sisters have become real celebrities in the small town of St. Petersburg, USA, where they live together in a mobile home.

Norma and Edy were born on December 23, 1921 in Revere, Massachusetts. They have shared everything since birth, even the bed. They dressed the same at school and sometimes had fun confusing the teachers by changing places. They would argue from time to time, but their grandmother would tell them, “If you put a penny in your pocket, it won’t jingle. If you put two pennies in your pocket, they’ll jingle.” , but their interests are slightly different: Norma loves to draw, while Edy plays the piano.Growing up, Norma became a hairdresser and Edy chose a career as a nurse.

In 1943, Edy and Norma married three months apart and both gave birth to their first child in 1944: for the first time, they lived apart, but only for a year. Over the next five decades, they made sure to live as close together as possible. In 1995, the twins decided to move together to Florida and live together again in a mobile home where they still live today, surrounded by the care of their loved ones. They enjoy going to church and the nearby seniors’ club.

On their centenary, more than fifty family members gathered to celebrate the twins at an Italian restaurant. Asked about their secret to longevity, they replied, “Don’t drink, smoke and live an honest life to get to heaven. There is only good or bad, so forgive others and stay consistent for your life.”

Valuable advice that can prove useful to everyone, regardless of longevity.

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