This very special little boy and his inspiring story moved everyone

It’s not often that an audition leaves the judges sobbing for them. It took a very special little boy and his inspiring story to bring out that emotion.

Doctors said Christian would never be able to communicate after his diagnosis of cerebral palsy. His sister Jade taught him sign language so he could speak. She called it a “little miracle”. Jade didn’t want to accept that he couldn’t communicate and knew there was a voice inside that needed to come out.

As they took the stage, the couple had rainbows painted on their faces, which is fitting as they are an absolute bundle of joy. They actually started a course to teach people how to communicate through sign language and other mediums.

There are 37 children and 28 adults between the ages of 4 and 58, which is incredible as this program has clearly reached people of all ages.

About halfway through the performance, younger children came out of the wings and stood right in front of the judges to perform. Alesha Dixon was visibly crying halfway through the performance. She clapped and was definitely impressed and inspired by the amazing heartfelt choir.

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