“I no longer buy toilet paper to save money: my guests complain, but for me it is not essential”

Keeping an eye on your finances and looking for the best way to save some money and put some aside is a habit that many people share. However, not everyone can do this, and saving is an art form.

How do you give up things that seem basic so as not to put your hand in the wallet? Everyone is looking for the ideal method and thinking about what they could do without it. The woman in this story chose a very unusual one. Let’s discover it together.

Allie, known as Tik Tok user @lovegood_allie, posted a video where she talks about a very important “discovery” for her savings: the bidet. If, indeed, in some countries its use is taken for granted, in many others it is not at all, which is why starting to use it can be a real bargain.

The young woman, for example, told how, before this epiphany, she had spent years buying toilet paper, wasting money. Since having a bidet installed in the house, controlled by a button that controls the water jet, this woman has saved money, and a lot according to her. The thing she has therefore decided to do without is toilet paper.

Allie posts several videos on social media in which she talks about her daily life and in one of them she brings up the subject of toilet paper, saying that it is in no way essential.

This confession put off many people and was not appreciated by his guests, who repeatedly complained about this choice. “They tell me it’s inconvenient and I should use toilet paper, but I save so much money this way and I’m not going to do anything else,” Allie said. “I’m constantly told that I should warn guests or keep a few rolls in the house for those who don’t want to use the bidet, but I disagree because for me it’s not necessary.”

Many have commented on this, saying it’s not good behavior around guests: ” You should have both at home ,” says one user; “It’s not okay to surprise people like that, some people might not be comfortable,” adds another. Comments that do not seem to have disturbed her in the least, on the contrary.

What do you think of this choice: do you agree or do you consider it exaggerated?

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