The cat brought the owner a mouse and lizards, and he threw away the“gifts”

A cat named Baloo is very fond of Ben, its owner. She shows her love in an unusual way – in the morning, Ben finds presents from his pet in bed. The catch is that Baloo picked up some very unusual gifts: there were often mice, birds, or lizards lying on his bed, which Baloo picked up while walking down the street. The cat was sure that, waking up in the morning and seeing such a “gift” on his bed, Ben would be happy.

The man did not like such gifts at all, on the other hand, he knew that Baloo was very fond of walking and did not want to deprive her of such pleasure, so every morning he was forced to throw away the unusual gifts brought by the cat .

When Baloo noticed that the landlady was carrying her present in the trash, she was very offended. The cat went to all sorts of tricks and showed great skill in pleasing Ben, but he didn’t appreciate his gifts. Realizing that the man didn’t like mice and birds, Baloo decided to try another tactic.

One morning, instead of dead rodents, Ben found a tree leaf on his bed. Baloo decided to give her the biggest and most beautiful leaf she found on the street. Ben did not throw away this gift, and since then every day a sheet lies in his bed. Now Baloo’s gifts delight its owner. To encourage the cat’s new habit, Ben is sure to praise her for each leaf and play with her, showing that he really likes these gifts.

According to the man, he really likes such attention to Baloo, because for him every day she looks at hundreds of leaves on the street, trying to find the most beautiful of them.

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