This old man died in a retirement home ․․․ The nurses then found something in his stuff that made everyone cry․․․

This old man died in a nursing home. Everyone thought he died without a trace. Later, while the nurses were collecting her things, they found a piece of paper with the words ․

“When you come to wake me up in the morning, who will you see, dear nurse? A stubborn old man who already lives somehow, for whom living is just a habit. He does not listen, you have to shout. He gets angry for no reason. He constantly mumbles, and it is impossible to find a language with him.

– Well, shut up as much as possible ․․․ He flipped the plate on the floor ․․․ Where are your shoes? Where’s the second closet? Get out of bed. Wow, how tired I am ․․․․

Nurse, look me in the eyes. Try to see what is underneath this helplessness and this pain. Under crumpled skin and crumpled soul ․․․ Try to see me ․․․ I am a boy, naughty, happy, a little bandit. I am scared. I am 5 years old, here are my mother and my father. Even if I’m afraid, it’s the same, I know that I’m loved.

Here I am 16 years old. I fly in the sky. I dream I’m happy, I’m sad. I am young. I am looking for love… And here is this happy moment. I am 28 years old. I walk towards the tabernacle with my beloved, burning with love, burning, burning ․․․

I’m 35, our family is growing. We already have sons. Our house, the yard. My wife will soon give birth to our daughter.

Life passes, and it moves forward. I am 45 years old. My children are growing up very quickly. Toys, school, university ․․․ Finish …

Each followed their path. Our house has been emptied ․․․ but my beloved and I are together. We go to bed together, we wake up together and, he doesn’t allow me to be sad.

I am 60 years old. Our house was once again filled with children’s laughter ․․․ The joyful voices of my grandchildren make us happy.

But suddenly… my light went out ․․․ My wife is dead. I lost my happiness. I aged in a few days, my hair turned white. I felt that I was old. I started living without my wife’s ideas, I was just living for my grandchildren and my children. The light diminished in my life day by day. The cross of old age fell on my shoulders. And time has not healed my pain. My God, how long is life?

․․․ but you have to live with it. Nothing is forever. And you, nurse, open your eyes, see ․ I’m not a stubborn old man, no, I’m a beloved HUSBAND, FATHER AND GRANDFATHER․․․ I’m a little boy climbing on a swing ․․․ try to see me ․․․

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