After 10 months of starvation, dog Barilla is saved and undergoes a total transformation

Seeing abused animals is never fun, but it makes us feel better when animal rescuers help our furry friends get back on their feet.

The rescued dog Barilla is a great example of how man and dog can do great things together, if we just offer a helping hand and never give up.

Eduardo Rodriguez, who runs a rescue center in Granada, Spain, has dedicated his entire life to saving animals in need.

But rarely has he been so affected as when he reunited with Barilla.

“I’ve rescued dogs since I was a kid and I’m used to seeing a lot of misery, but I’ve never seen a dog in such bad shape as Barilla,” he says.

But Eduardo Rodriguez was determined to get her back on her feet.

The road to recovery will be long – Barilla weighed only 7.5 kilos when she was found. As you can see, it’s amazing how thin she was – but there was light at the end of the tunnel!

“Because of her severe malnutrition, she could barely move on her own. Little by little, we helped her recover.”

Barilla received a lot of support from the staff at the rescue center and fairly quickly came back to herself, strong and happy.

After 7 weeks of treatment, Barilla is like a new dog.

“His recovery has been amazing,” Rodriguez said.

“The vet has repeatedly said that the vast majority of dogs would have died from it. But today, we are inseparable. The first day I saw her, I told my colleagues that one day I would take her home and hug her. Now I can finally do it,” says Eduardo.

Watch Barilla today!

Animal activist Eduardo Rodriguez fell in love. For him, there was no doubt: he adopted Barilla.

Now they are best friends!

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