When he appeared on stage, many could barely hold back their laughter, but then…

Many believe that the success of the “talent” show depends on the appearance of the contestant. When Sean took the stage, they started laughing at him, but from the first second they were stunned by his vocal capacities.

He came on stage in women’s clothes and looked very funny. The jury members unanimously decided not to vote for him, but at the last moment the whole room gave Sean a standing ovation, which means that the public loved and appreciated …

Sean Miley Moore wows judges with unique look and impressive audition

“I was literally mesmerized by this whole performance. You are the first person I didn’t want and I couldn’t take my eyes off throughout your song. You were fearless, you were sharp, you were sassy, and you gave us everything. You were amazing.

Nick Grimshaw added: “It was by far the best thing I’ve seen all day. I loved. It was addictive, you are the person everyone is going to talk about tonight.”

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