A customer from a fast food restaurant finds €500 in a lunch bag and decides to return it.

Though it is true that “money cannot buy happiness,” it may surely make many people’s lives easier. In reality, even the most upright people have been known to be “tempted” at the sight of a large quantity of money. A woman from Georgia in the United States knows about it. Authorities praised her for returning more than 500 euros in cash discovered in a sandwich bag she had just purchased for her lunch break at a nearby KFC fast food restaurant.

In addition to the bills, the money paid the rent and a few her husband’s medicines. The woman went on to say that her family’s medical bills totalled around 2 million euros. She said that she had pondered keeping the money for herself for “a second.” But then she took the moral decision to call the cops.
In a Facebook post, the Jackson Police Department praised the individual for her generosity. “Character and integrity are doing what is right when no one is looking,” they once said. Joann Oliver should be recognized by the Jackson Police Department for her honesty and charity. A few days ago, Jackson police were called to the woman’s workplace.

After investigation, it was determined that the restaurant’s daily deposit was accidentally placed in its KFC pouch. Joann not only did the right thing, but also saved the manager’s job. Madam, thank you for reminding us that we have great citizens in Jackson and it is people like you who make us great! they concluded.

Honesty above all. What would you have done in the woman’s place? Tell us in the comments !

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