Parrot complains to his human about the domestic cat: the conversation is hilarious

This is a funny video that shows an adorable cockatoo parrot complaining to its house cat owner.

The video is sending out positive vibes online, and people can’t get enough of it.

The parrot named Mr. Max is sociable and talkative. As you can see in the video he is very confident talking to the owner.

He complains about the cat named Fluffy who continually tries to get him in trouble! He explains the cat’s behavior in a hilarious way.

The owner listens to the parrot and warns him to be very careful with Fluffy because she will hurt him. He tries to explain to Max that if he stops listening to the cat, his troubles will be over!

Mr. Max is listening, and he seems to understand what his landlord is saying. He even talks and responds to everything the owner says.

But then he gets angry again and starts loudly complaining about the cat again. The parrot is just too angry to calm down and isn’t ready to forgive the cat yet.

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