A short man married and became a father: this is their family now

It is a story of unlikely relationships. And that proves that true love exists.

This short young man is 110 centimeters tall. James Lusted is 34 years old and lives in Great Britain.

Being an in-demand presenter by the BBC, he is also a film star. James is not ashamed of his height of 110 centimeters. Being the center of attention never bothers him.

One day, James fell in love with Cloé, a tall, charming girl.

It was love at first sight and the young man thought that Cloé would become his wife. It was in 2014.

When they first went to the cafe together, the waiter thought the girl was with a child.

He brought James a sketchbook and pencils. The couple laughed a lot. And each time, when they remember this event, they burst out laughing.

Two years later, they got married. At their wedding ceremony, the amount of high was 200, although they invited 80 people.

Another two years and the happy couple would become parents. The Lusteds were infinitely joyful and eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby.

They prepared the room and bought clothes for the little one. In 2019, Cloé gave birth to a charming daughter.

Oliva was an ordinary baby, she did not inherit her father’s peculiarity. James adored his wonderful little girl and he was glad that Oliva was an ordinary height. This is a truly happy family!

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