How an 80-year-old grandmother knitted 2,000 hats for newborns in the maternity ward

Doris Bender lives in the United States. The woman is already 80 years old. After retirement, she was very bored.

But one day, while watching a TV show, the idea came to him to take care of a useful and interesting business.

So the grandma started knitting. She knitted baby hats and gave them to newborns in the maternity ward.

For three years, the pensioner knitted 2000 cute hats, becoming a real champion in this field.

Doris says it’s great fun to give presents to babies and then she just wants to stay active.

In an interview with local media, Doris spoke about her unusual hobby: “Many women my age turn into lazy, sullen people, but I think that’s not normal.

You have to find a hobby that will suit you and others. I knit these hats with great pleasure,” she explained.

The retiree said that before she had never knitted for children. Doris sends her gifts to the maternity ward in small sets.

“When about 70 caps are ready, I go to the hospital and give them to the nurses in the maternity ward,” the woman said.

For boys she makes beautiful red and blue hats, and for girls they are pink and white, decorated with cute pictures.

Doris feels very happy to be of service to the babies and wants to continue offering her gifts until she can work.

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