These Siamese Sisters Share The Same Body But Only One Of Them Is Dating A Man Him

Two Siamese sisters recently confided in their love life.

Lupita and Carmen Andrade are two exceptional young girls in more ways than one.

Aged 22, these two sisters are indeed Siamese and their physical singularity makes them one, literally and figuratively.

They have always refused the slightest separation, via surgery, because this type of operation could prove fatal for one of them.

Born in Mexico, they grew up in the American state of Connecticut and lead an altogether normal existence, except that they share, among other things, the same pelvis and the same vagina.

Which is not always obvious on a daily basis, especially since Carmen has a boyfriend while Lupita is asexual.

But the two sisters live together as best they can and have recently agreed to talk about this somewhat special love life.

As she explained last year in an interview with the Jubilee media , Carmen met her companion Daniel in October 2020 on a mobile dating application.

Since then, they spin the perfect love but have never had sex. Carmen defines their relationship as a ” close friendship “.

The two lovebirds plan to get engaged one day but they want to enjoy life together first.

“Daniel and I love children, but we don’t want them (…) Lupita and I cannot get pregnant because we suffer from endometriosis and we also take hormone treatment which prevents us from having our periods”, specifies the young lady.

For her part, Lupita feels no jealousy towards her sister and she even gets along very well with her sister’s boyfriend.

“It’s funny because usually I go to bed later than Lupita, but when Daniel sleeps at home, I fall asleep quickly, and he stays awake to talk to her ,” explains Carmen.

“Sometimes I feel a little bad because I would like to spend more time with Daniel. We then try to find compromises. For example, Lupita chooses where we are going to have dinner, or what activity we are going to do ,” she continues.

For nothing in the world Carmen and Lupita would want to be separated and their happiness shows us how everyone has the right to be happy.

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