The dog was treated cruelly: his owner dragged him by his car in order to punish

There are mean people who treat animals and even their pets cruelly. They are real criminals. These criminals commit crimes against animals and remain unpunished by law.

If you adopt a pet, it becomes a member of the family.

Animals are flexible beings that need our constant protection. They are intelligent and devoted, they love to be cuddled.

When their owners abandon them, they become vagabonds and beggars looking for food in garbage cans.

So, it is better not to adopt an animal than to throw it away like garbage.

This incident was screened by a traffic camera and appeared on social media and millions of people watched it.

It’s just an act of banditry. The owner drags his dog by his car.

The poor dog is tired and can’t go on anymore. But the driver continues to drive faster and faster.

It is a horrible and at the same time deplorable sight that tears the heart.

It’s impossible to watch the suffering of the poor animal.

The dog is of course terrified and morally traumatized. He feels unworthy and unhappy.

Probably, its owner acts in such a way to punish his pet.

Animal rights organizations were alerted and tried to find information about the driver.

Rescuers found the dog abandoned in the street and took him to a veterinarian.

We will hope that people of such behavior will be severely punished.

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