This engineer has created an amazing bike with no hubs and no spokes on its wheels

Have you ever had a great idea, but you don’t know how to make it happen? If you enjoy watching other people bring their wacky ideas to life, then look no further than ‘The Q’, a science-focused YouTube channel.

On the latter, you’ll find plenty of cool videos showcasing a wide range of creative projects, including making a giant cardboard LEGO man costume and another on how to make your own paper skateboard.

But one of The Q’s most recent projects, which has caused a huge reaction among Internet users, is to transform a conventional bicycle into something very original. Indeed, although the chain has already made several transformations of bicycles, including one where the wheels are made from shoes, the one we present today is by far the coolest. And for good reason, the idea is to remove all the spokes from the wheels of the bicycle and create a new mechanism that makes the bicycle unique.

If you like bicycles, it’s a safe bet that you will particularly like this model. And that’s good, on the YouTube channel, a video shows the steps to make it yourself. Posted on June 23, it has already been viewed more than 4 million times. The finished product is incredibly sleek, and the video has been viewed over three million times in the first week.

Are you confident enough in your DIY skills ? So it’s up to you to start creating a spokeless bike. According to The Q, all you need is “a fatbike, bearings, metal and time” . Come on, all you have to do is get to work!

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