Clients Wanted To Buy This Huge Mansion, And Its Basement Turned Out To Be A Magical Secret

This building is located in the suburbs of Washington DC and occupies 1.6 acres of land.

The huge mysterious mansion harbors an incredible secret in its basement, which has become the landmark of the luxury building.

The well-known mansion occupies a territory of about 1,100 square meters, which is simply amazing.

The magnificent construction has a colonial-style interior filled with natural materials which makes it incredibly beautiful.

The impressive mansion has 10 fireplaces, a kitchen area on 2 floors, 7 bedrooms and 8 toilets.

In addition, it also contains 2 huge shelves, a dance hall, a dining room and a laundry room, a tennis court and 2 types of swimming pools.

The beautiful dream building houses a cozy guesthouse for visitors and special guests.

It’s splendid, isn’t it?

However, the most impressive thing is under its basement. It is a mysterious and unreal place!

Upon entering, it seems like you are transmitted to another magical world appearing in another time.

As if it were an entire street with cobbled paths and absolutely real things.

It looks like a huge creative and amazing city, full of magical things like in fairy tales.

And there, you wonder how far the human imagination can go?

Looking at these stunning images, you might think this is an amazing underground art museum.

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