One of the Premature Twins Saved His Brother’s Life, Hugging Him: It’s So Touching

Meet these cute twins, Dylan and Deiniol, who were born in 2021 at 25 weeks gestation.

However, when they were born, Dylan weighed only 907 grams and Dainiol 861.

The doctors believed that the little one would not even survive, but a real miracle happened when the babies were placed in an incubator.

Their mom was sure that Dylan had saved her little brother with her warm hugs.

As the newborn twins were premature, their lungs could not develop properly.

So the babies were taken to the special treatment center to stay there until they recovered.

However, after 2 weeks, Dylan was discharged from the clinic, but his brother had to stay in the incubator with a breathing machine hooked up to him.

However, hospital staff and their mother, Hanna Zimunje, believed he would not survive.

So when the parents came for the last time to say goodbye to their angel son.

Before leaving the practice, the couple decided to put Dylan in his incubator for the last time.

Surprisingly, Dylan hugged his brother and kissed him, after spending 5 minutes together.

And since then, the baby’s condition began to improve day by day.

It’s just a miracle!

Then he was able to breathe more oxygen and the doctors believed in his quick recovery.

Although the second baby boy spent more than 7 months in the clinic, he was able to come out in good condition.

So it was real magic, but the young mother was sure it was due to the special bond between the twins.

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