The girl finds the courage to show her face, which she hid under makeup for 10 years

Hiding flaws or features that do not meet society’s standards has become the norm.

Many lend themselves to it so strongly that they can spend most of their lives in hiding.

Every day, Tiffany Taylor, like many girls, started with makeup. Unobtrusive makeup was a real salvation for the girl.

At 14, Tiffany was diagnosed with vitiligo. It was a real shock and the young girl could not put up with it.

She’s seen people who live ordinary lives with such a visible skin feature, but that doesn’t console her in any way.

Tiffany didn’t want to accept her appearance. As a result, she constantly used a large amount of foundation, which helped hide her white skin tones.

The girl’s best friends didn’t even know about it.

In adolescence, especially for girls, it is difficult to be different from others.

Those close to Tiffany knew her feelings and although makeup products were very expensive, they never pressured her.

It seems like it would have continued had it not been for the courage of Winnie Harlow, a role model who proved to the world that vitiligo shouldn’t be hidden.

Her image strongly influenced Tiffany, she could not be brave for the whole world, but she did it for herself.

For the first time unfounded, she appeared at a Halloween party in the image of the same model.

To her surprise, everyone liked her appearance, not fully understanding that this was the real Tiffany.

After that, life changed dramatically. She stopped hiding her natural appearance even in front of many strangers.

Over time, the first photos without makeup appeared on Tiffany’s page.

She looked so beautiful in the photographs that many sincerely admired her appearance.

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