Jimmy, garbage collector, is a star on TikTok and helps fight prejudice about his profession

Focus today on a certain Jimmy De Pinho Coreia. His name may not mean anything to you and yet this young garbage collector is the new star of social networks. presentation.

If you’re a TikTok regular , his face is certainly not unfamiliar to you.

Jimmy, a young garbage collector from Vire (Calvados) is indeed the new darling of social networks thanks to his videos in which he highlights his profession which he is so passionate about, with an infectious good mood.

In barely a month, between June and July 2021, these had already generated more than 160 million views, thus shining the spotlight on this funny and friendly 26-year-old young man, but also and above all on a profession too often mocked. out of ignorance.

Jimmy, the TikTok star garbage collector who is changing eyes on his profession
Targets of a certain number of prejudices, mainly linked to the smells given off by the garbage they pick up, garbage collectors nevertheless remain elements of the shadows, oh so essential to the proper functioning of a municipality.

A profession that is never recognized at its fair value!

It is therefore to fight against these received ideas that Jimmy carries out his activity while having fun, creating an atmosphere in all the neighborhoods where he and his colleagues pick up the trash.

And the charm operates every time, to such an extent that he is now recognized everywhere he goes, including by the less young who do not follow him on the web.

An incredible success that the main interested party still has trouble believing.

” We were having fun with the truck , I was filming with the phone and then I said to myself ‘hey, I’m going to put on TikTok to see what people think’. It was immediately hooked, it was huge , ”he recently told our colleagues from TF1 .

A welcome visibility and which is not to displease his colleagues, who are delighted to finally be recognized for what they do.

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