Montpellier: a homeless man wins 500,000 euros thanks to a scratch game

In Montpellier, a homeless man won 500,000 euros by trying his luck at a scratch game. The homeless will be able to buy a home and live decently.

The facts took place on Saturday November 20, 2021 in Montpellier, when a homeless man in his twenties tried his luck by buying a scratch game. Originally from Algeria, the young undocumented man had been living in France for three years. Hoping that luck would be with him, he bought an X20 game by going to Dhrif Tabac Chic, a shop located on Cours Gambetta.

A homeless man wins 500,000 euros
The homeless man was able to count on his lucky star, since he won the sum of 500,000 euros thanks to his scratch game .

“He bought an X20, a 5 euro game. He thought he had won 25 euros but he had won 100,000 euros five times. He had no other reaction except to leave quickly. He was afraid of having his ticket stolen ,” explained Sabrina, the manager of the tobacconist who witnessed the homeless man’s victory.

According to the Française des jeux, only two tickets out of the 6 million sold have this prize of 500,000 euros. With this money earned, the homeless person wants to begin by regularizing his situation before buying a home, so that he no longer lives on the street. Good news as winter approaches.

“He is a good person who is loved in the neighborhood. He sells cigarettes to eat, to survive. He got arrested this week, and the next day he wins. It’s good for him , ”said a cousin of the lucky lucky man.

This is not the first time that luck has smiled on a homeless person in France. In 2020, four homeless people had won 50,000 euros in Brest, thanks to a passerby who had offered them a scratch game. In 2014, a homeless man tried his luck at the Loto and won 2 million euros. With this sum, he bought a house and accommodation for his children, before sharing his earnings with his family.

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