Homeowners evict squatters from their homes and are taken into custody

After taking steps to evict squatters occupying their homes, owners decided to evict them themselves. However, the squatters filed a complaint, and the owners were taken into custody.

A few months after the squatters affair which caused a lot of talk in Essonne this summer, new owners were trapped. In Bobigny, in Seine-Saint-Denis, a 75-year-old woman has owned a family home for years. But one day, she noticed that her residence was illegally occupied by squatters.

To dislodge them, the septuagenarian filed a complaint and took all the necessary steps to recover her house. But three months after the complaint, the squatters were still there and no authority intervened.

Faced with the inaction of justice, the owners of the house decided to take justice into their own hands. Thus, a group of 25 people intervened to dislodge the squatters. Unfortunately, the house was found completely dilapidated and in a deplorable state.

“It is no longer possible to live here , regretted Sonia, the daughter of the owner. Everything has been degraded, we have enormous work to do, there is work for 30,000 to 50,000 euros. The squatters have nothing. »

Owners taken into custody
The story could have ended there, but the squatters decided otherwise as they filed a complaint against the owners of the house. The latter were placed in police custody for… home invasion.

“We wanted to recover our property and the squatters filed a complaint against us , continued Sonia. They have lost nothing in all of this. We lost our health, energy and time. They won’t have anything, it’s not normal.”

This alarming situation once again accentuates the inaction and slowness of justice in the face of squatters. In an attempt to find an answer to this problem, an anti-squat law is currently at the heart of the political debate. It would create an offense of squat, so that it is considered theft. In the meantime, the owners of the accommodation in Bobigny had no choice but to put their family home up for sale.

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