This wildlife photographer woke up from his nap under a tree with… a sleeping cheetah next to him

In South Africa, a female cheetah who saw a dozing photographer snuggled up to take a nap by his side.

Dolph Volker is a wildlife photographer with a big heart. This animal lover works as a volunteer at the Cheetah Experience, an association based in South Africa that collects endangered species. Indeed, the sanctuary is home to a large number of felines, including cheetahs, servals, non-breeding male lions and leopards.

Since the death of his beloved dog, Dolph Volker has made it his mission to fight for animal rights and educate the general public about the preservation of endangered species.

The photographer bonds with a cheetah
Seven years ago, the photographer had an unforgettable and extraordinary experience. It all started when he took a nap under a tree after a long day in the sun.

As he slept peacefully, a female cheetah named Eden – a bit curious – approached him to sniff him before taking a nap by his side. Unsurprisingly, the mammal’s light headbutts woke Dough.

Armed with his camera, the animal friend did not hesitate to immortalize this exceptional moment. On the images, Eden shows a lot of tenderness towards her new friend: she cuddles him, nibbles him, gives him licks and snuggles against him.

This encounter had an impact on Dough’s life. Today, the one who is nicknamed “the cheetah charmer” documents and dissects the behavior of predators on his YouTube channel.

You may not know it, but the cheetah is Africa’s most endangered feline . The world’s fastest animal on earth is a victim of poaching and habitat loss.

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