She returns from vacation and discovers that her suitcase contains… 18 scorpions!

Returning from vacation in Croatia, an Austrian woman discovered that 18 scorpions had taken refuge in her suitcase.

This summer, a woman from Austria decided to go on vacation to Croatia. When she returned on July 23, she had a disconcerting surprise: when she opened her suitcase, she noticed that 18 scorpions had lodged inside.

The scorpions sheltering in the luggage consisted of a female and her 17 young. An unusual souvenir which the tourist would have done well without. To solve this problem, the woman appealed to the local animal rescue service, the Tierhilfe Gusental. Animal experts came to his home and recovered the scorpions, which they placed in a shelter before sending them back to Croatia.

According to experts, this woman’s gesture was a very good deed.

“With such heat, the scorpions could easily have multiplied when they were not in their home country,” said a member of Tierhilfe Gusental.

The tourist was lucky because it is estimated that 40 to 50 species of scorpions are deadly to humans, among the 1,500 existing. It is not the first time that a tourist has returned home with unwanted guests in his luggage. Indeed, several travelers from Austria have returned from Croatia with scorpions in their suitcases.

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