At 101, she still goes to the store and her community has set up a bench for her to rest

This TF1 report recounts the kindness of the villagers of Calvados. They offered a very symbolic gift to the oldest woman in the village.
At 101, Giselle does not hesitate to walk to the shops, but she is tired of this habit. The inhabitants of Merville-Françoisville-Plage have therefore decided to facilitate his journey. To this end, they built a bench halfway down the road for the dean to rest.

The bench was installed by a municipal team and bears the name of the centenarian, television channel TF1 reported on Thursday (March 17). It’s no wonder the old lady was eye-catching: “I like it and people will like it after me,” she told the camera.

The channel also reports that the bench is located between Gisele’s apartment and her favorite store. This feature allows him to catch his breath before hitting the road again. Meanwhile, the city star chats with friends and passers-by.

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