They tried to drown the old dog, but she was lucky

Belgian Shepherd named Bella almost drowned. The dog could have died if it had not been saved by a passerby.

Jane Harper, while walking in early 2020, discovered a floundering dog in the Tent River. She came closer and saw that a stone was tied to the neck of the unfortunate animal.

A huge boulder pulled the dog to the bottom, but Jane arrived in time and pulled the drowning dog out of the water.

The drowned animal turned out to be a ten-year-old Belgian Shepherd. After all the suffering, the dog looked emaciated, could not get up on its paws and ate almost nothing. Harper contacted the local animal welfare society, where Bella was accepted and taken care of.

Bella’s irresponsible and cruel mistress turned out to be Charlene Latham. She admitted to having hurt her pet and paid only £80 in fines. A 32-year-old girl at the trial said that a former cohabitant forced her to drown Bella, but there was no evidence of this.

Now Bella is still in the Society for the Protection of Animals. Shepherd gained strength and began to eat. At first it was not easy: the dog refused almost any food, but at the same time continued to fight for life. In the summer of 2020, the condition began to improve: Bella began to eat more and gain weight.

Shepherd has successfully recovered and feels great. She turned out to be active, loving, demanding attention and very capricious. Bella is very happy with people, sometimes arranges funny games and plays pranks. They are looking for new caring and loving owners for her.

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