The golden boy blew everyone’s mind with his performance

The members of the jury accepted the boy with a smile when he said which song he should perform. But they still had a lot to regret

Jack Vigini is 14 years old, he came to Australia’s Got Talent to realize his dream. For his performance, he chose a very difficult song by Whitney Houston. When the judges discovered that he had chosen this song, they were very skeptical about the choice of the boy, because Whitney Houston was a very loud and loud singer.

Before Jack’s speech, one of the judges said, “You’re either going to sing really well or not at all good, but I’m going to enjoy it anyway. His incredible performance got the whole room in a standing ovation.

The judges couldn’t believe it was his real voice and not the phonetics. One of the jury members was so moved by the performance that as soon as Jack finished singing, he ran to the stage and kissed him on the cheek.

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