Dad accidentally films his daughter dancing while the dog plays the piano

Dogs are very fond of various sounds of musical instruments and this often causes a violent reaction in them and the dogs start howling.

But what about the fact that there are dogs who themselves play an instrument and sing at the same time? This beagle is one of them and his name is Buddy Mercury. You may have heard of his talents as a pianist, but he is also great with children and with his little human sister, they form an excellent tandem.

Buddy was named after Freddie Mercury and is self-taught. Yes, yes, no one taught this dog to press the keys and howl to the beat of the music.

Of course, the dog has a lot of fans who are waiting for further success from their beloved dog.

With over 4 million views, this video is exactly what the internet was made for.

Find out how Buddy Mercury and his little sister threw the best party ever.

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