An absolutely supernatural voice of a ten-year-old child. It’s not trying, nor training, just a gift from beyond

Most “America’s Got Talent” contestants are a bit nervous when they take the stage, and 10-year-old Emanne Beasha was no different. Her hands were shaking as she saluted the judges.

Julianne Hough tried to put Emanne at ease by asking her about her family. Emanne revealed that her dad owned an ice cream factory and she told them about her favorite flavours.

Emanne tells the judges that she will sing for them. His demeanour changes when the music for “Nessun Dorma” starts playing. Her face softens as she relaxes and takes a deep breath.

When she opens her mouth, the most amazing thing happens. This petite little girl has the most beautiful operatic voice the judges have ever heard. Even Simon is amazed.

The camera pans towards the audience. More than one member of the crowd breaks down in tears as Emanne’s proud parents and brothers watch her performance with wide smiles.

When she finished, the audience and judges rose to a standing ovation. Simon is the first judge to give Emanne a “yes” and tells her she’s fantastic.

The other judges vote her for the next round without hesitation. Emanne’s talent is unmatched, and this little girl goes a long way with a fantastic voice like that!

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