His “Voice” audition has 25 million views, so why were the judges so cold?

Let’s say you hosted a stellar audition that had 25 million views, but only attracted one judge. What do you think?

Conor Scott’s performance was breathtaking. Some said its cover rivaled the quality of the original song. But only one judge turned around during his hearing.

Conor Scott’s talent is indisputable. So why did the judges come so slowly for so much talent? Talent wasn’t the problem Conor faced.

A few teams had already filled up, so the first problem was that there was no room for him. Second, one of the judges thought he didn’t have what it took to coach Conor.

The lesson holding this young man back – and all of us across the way – is that talent isn’t everything. Perseverance is even more essential than talent. Showing up repeatedly is key, not just showing up once and being the best.

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