For 15 years this man buried the children of women who had abortions․ When the children’s parents started coming to see him, he did something no one expected

Tong Fuok from Vietnam showed the world what selflessness really means. It all started in 2001, when his wife got pregnant.

The man noticed in the middle of the hospital how pregnant women went to the doctor and came out with tears in their eyes without a child.

The man did not immediately understand the meaning of what had happened.

Tong didn’t understand how to kill her own child.

The situation affected Tong in an incredible way. With his own money, the man decided to buy a piece of land on the way to the hospital, where he could bury the children whose life had not yet begun. With the hospital’s permission, Tong buried more than 10,000 children in the first few years.

But the man’s purpose was not so much. Tong hoped that pregnant women visiting the cemetery would no longer want to abandon their children.

The idea became reality. After a while, mothers who could not afford to take care of their children due to financial difficulties began to seek Tong’s help.

The man’s response shocked everyone. Tong agreed to take care of all the needy children in her family. He built a house on the cemetery, where he took care of 100 children.

Tong agreed to return the children to their mothers when their financial situation improved, their problems would be a thing of the past.

In order not to confuse the names of the 100 adopted children, Tong came up with beautiful names for them.

For example, “Vin” (honor) or “Tam” (heart). All the children bore their mother’s and Tong’s surname.

“I will continue until my last breath,” says the father of many children. I hope my children will also help people when I leave this world.”

The eyes of the children in these photos shine with happiness. There is a lot to learn from such a father.

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