The beauty queen was humiliated for being from a poor family, but she silenced everyone with her response

They humiliate the beauty queen for being from a modest family, but watch how she shuts everyone’s mouth.

Lupita Valero is a 23-year-old young woman from a poor family who worked hard as a waitress to fulfill her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Lupita is not only a very hardworking girl, but also has an extraordinary beauty, thanks to which she was able to participate in the beauty contest of the TV show “Mexican Miss Universe”.

Unfortunately, she immediately became the target of horrific harassment on social media, where commenters mocked the girl for working as a waitress. The girl was not at all upset about her situation, on the contrary, she was proud.

Once she was in her turnout, people on social media started attacking her. They left comments rejecting her because of her humble origins. She was underappreciated for the job she got and not valued for who she really was.

When contest day arrived, Lupita looked completely spectacular with the other contestants. During the round of questions, the judge in charge of addressing Lupita took advantage of the painful situation and said to her:

“My dear representative of Guerrero, Lupita. The question is for you but I’m going to dedicate it to a poor wimp to whom I had the misfortune to read a comment that pissed me off. But I know you will answer perfectly: Did you feel any discrimination for this job?

“They humiliated me, they swore at me, they looked at me and they thought they were superior to me,” Lupita replied, holding back tears.

In her response, she not only recounted how she was repeatedly treated, but also wanted to talk about the type of upbringing her parents gave her, instilling in her principles, respect and valuing hard work.

“My mother is a trader and my father is a cook, they instilled in me that any work, as long as it is dignified, is respectable”, declared the young woman.

This situation became the center of praise from many netizens who expressed their support for the participant who recounted for several seconds the times when she was rejected and discriminated against for not having the resources of others.

“I am proud of who I am and where I come from,” added the young woman in front of the public.

The audience and the jury rose and filled the room with applause for several minutes in a row.

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