“I will come back for you.” The man was forced to leave the dog at a shelter, but four months later he kept his promise

Luis Jimenez, from the American city of Austin, encountered serious financial difficulties a few months ago. The fact that the owner had forbidden Luis to keep an animal at home added to all the problems. It was a big stress for him because he considered his pit bull Titus his most faithful friend. He was told that if the dog continued living in the house, he would be evicted.

He asked friends and relatives to take Titus in, but everyone refused, then he did something he didn’t want to do — he sent his pet to a shelter. He promised the shelter staff that he would definitely come back for the animal, but few believed him.

They said they almost always hear about it, but hardly anyone comes back. The man was very persistent and managed to convince them not to start looking for new owners for the dog.

For four months in a row, Lewis actively solved all his problems and at the same time came to visit Titus regularly. And that day has come, in four months he will come back to get his dog. Shelter staff said they did not expect the man to return, as there were hardly any such cases.

Luis says Titus is just a wonderful, intelligent dog who understands everything and sees very well that he is sad. He also noted that these were the longest four months of his life.

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