Singer impresses ‘The Voice’ coaches with Whitney Houston cover of ‘How Will I Know’

Jael Wena has always played with his family. However, during her blind auditions for ‘The Voice’, the 16-year-old Australian singer opted to perform solo on Whitney Houston’s ‘How Will I Know’.

She impressed the 4 musical coaches, Keith, Jess, Rita and Guy, with her breathtaking performance. Wena and her family’s previous performances on ‘The Voice Generations’ brought them to the season finale. This boosted the confidence of the young singer.

She decided to come to “The Voice” as a solo artist on her own. Music meant everything to Wena. She was always in the class singing and her classmates and teachers always asked her to calm down. She hoped she could impress the coaches again like she did in the auditions. Rita started the conversation and talked about how she felt about Jael and his wonderful family. They had always stood out for her.

She was happy that Wena dared to go out and sing on her own. Keith complimented and told Wena she must be happy that her family was really thrilled with her solo performance. He went on to say that he thought it was an amazing thing to have such amazing people around her. She eventually chose Jess as her coach. In “The Callbacks,” she challenged the other two contestants and became the final contestant for Team Jess.

The next battle was between the incredibly powerful singer Richard Tanumi, who had impressed the coaches with his singing in the ‘Blind Auditions’ with ‘Call Out My Name’. The only thing Wena worried about Richard was his stage presence. In “The Battles,” the two performed on Michal Jackson’s Thriller. The two danced like a pro and wowed everyone with their performance. She won the battle and was chosen for the semi-final.

Speaking of Wena, Jess thought she was magic in a box. For the semi-finals, Wena’s vocal coach chose her to sing “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa.

When the talented singer heard about the song selection, she was flabbergasted because it wasn’t the kind of song she usually sang.

However, after Jess explained she had the ability, Wena trusted her trainer and went along with the song. She sang the song brilliantly. However, Jess chose Faith to represent her team in the finals.

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