This young boy was named the brightest child in the world at the age of 2

Wrigley’s intellect astounded everyone. Oscar had an IQ of over 160 when he was just two years old, which you would not imagine. The youngster has IQ on par with Albert Einstein! He was admitted at such a young age to the Oxford Mensa Club, the most prestigious club in the world for those with exceptional intelligence. If Oscar were suddenly given the option between reading another book and going for a stroll with his pals, he would undoubtedly choose the latter.

The boy’s parents note that Oscar’s language has astounded everyone around him nearly since he was in diapers. The tiny genius started to articulate words and even short phrases as early as nine months old. The youngster could converse practically on an equal footing with adults about grave events that occur in our world at the age of two.

Oscar was a little child, he once said something that made his parents unhappy:

“Mom, when I eat sausages, I feel like I’m at a party.”

That’s not all, either. Joe Wrigley, an IT professional, the young talent’s father, explains:

“Oscar just attempted to talk to my wife about the penguins’ reproductive cycle. The young boy always asks us more questions than he should have because he is so inquisitive for his age. Every parent likes to think that their child is unique, but the truth is that Oscar is unquestionably a remarkable person. I eagerly await the day when he confronts me and calls me a moron. I won’t even be offended, honestly…”

Surprisingly, though, this is not the maximum. The youngster keeps growing and continues to astound all around him with his superior intelligence. He will undoubtedly continue to amaze humanity and maybe create a ton of beneficial discoveries for humans.

It should be mentioned that several kids have joined the Mensa Club besides Oscar Wrigley. There are other really intelligent children that have joined our group.

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