A dog gets stuck in the mud of a dry lake: passers-by intervene
The little doggie had a very bad experience because of the drought. The lake where he used to walk with his mistress was devoid of water. And the
Meet Hanny, a Bengal cat that nothing can stop, not even her handicap
Suffering from hindquarters paralysis since a young age, Hanny is nonetheless an active cat with boundless energy. She accompanies her humans on all kinds of adventures and does
A cat sneaks into the cockpit of an old plane and decides to start a family there
An alley cat was looking for the perfect place to give birth and ended up making an unexpected choice: the cockpit of an airplane exhibited at the museum.
This Injured Puppy Abandoned in the Woods With All His Stuff Was Desperately Waiting for Help
This poor little one was only 8 months old when he was cowardly abandoned by his owners. In addition, he endured the pain of a broken leg that
A cat and her baby adopt an orphan baby under the tender gaze of their foster family
An orphan kitten is unlikely to survive on its own. In addition, felines must socialize in groups. This cat and her baby recently rescued by an association decided
Extremely rare case, this shelter cat without reproductive organs is neither male nor female and is looking for a loving family
A young cat recently arrived at a UK shelter turned out to be born genderless. A first for the association and its veterinarians, who hope to have it
A Shih Tzu dog found in very poor condition finally tastes happiness after receiving the care she needed
Dolly was used for breeding and then cowardly abandoned because of her deplorable state of health. Luckily, she came across the right people who got her back on
This cat is impatiently waiting for the postman to arrive for their daily game
Zeppelin the cat watches every morning for the arrival of the mail, not because he is interested in the contents of letters and flyers, but because of the
A disabled Siamese who looks like a teddy bear is a unanimous favorite at the shelter
Houston, a cat that looks like a teddy bear is moving with his extraordinary personality. Despite his illness, he does not give up. The care provided by the
A cat almost asphyxiated by a fire and terrified receives oxygen from a paramedic
Having lost consciousness in the fire of its owners’ house, a cat was resuscitated by an ambulance worker using an oxygen mask. The animal is the only surviving