The stepfather raised the daughter as a parent ․․․ On the day of his daughter’s 16th birthday, the father witnesses an unexpected scene

This man is the happiest man in the world because on his birthday he received a gift he never even dreamed of. In an instant, he learned that he had become the legal father of the girl he had raised for exactly 16 years.

Jay’s birthday was wonderful. Many guests, friends and relatives, had gathered, each bringing interesting gifts and warm congratulations. But one of the gifts was special. Jay received a modest white box wrapped in a silver ribbon.

Without beginning to guess what it might contain, Jay began to open the box. Untying the ribbon and removing the cover, he saw a yellow envelope covered with several layers of paper.

The man was a little surprised to see the strange gift, opened the envelope with the documents. Reading their contents, Jay could not hold back his tears. He was crying like a child ․․․

It turned out to be documents proving the adoption of a 16-year-old girl. Jay had raised and loved him like a parent from an early age.

Jay’s wife said that adoption is a rather complicated and long process, during which no one can guarantee a positive outcome, but Jay and his family were lucky.

Upon hearing the good news, Jay hugged his daughter for a long time and cried with joy with her ․․․

“I had two dreams. “The first is that you become my legal daughter, and the second is to see how you get married ․․․

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