Dancing like that at 91 is incredible․

Have you ever felt like you were too old to smash everything on the dance floor? No? Well, neither did Julia, a 91-year-old resident of Golden Age Home Health Care. When she heard Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock,” she remembered the years gone by and couldn’t help but move.

As the music swayed, Julia pushed her walker aside and said, “I feel so good, I want to dance!” Do you mind if I jitterbug to celebrate? I love life! Staff members marvelled as Julia danced the jitterbug as light on her feet as someone a quarter of her age.

Julia is a long-time resident at Golden Age and always brings smiles and laughs to the staff with her upbeat spirit and personality. No matter what her day entails, Julia manages to stay positive and happy.

The footage of Julia dancing has been shared over 91,000 times and has even been picked up by Good Morning America, bringing smiles to people across the United States. Julia has given people around the world the motivation and inspiration to get up and dance, no matter how hard!


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